Yuga Labs Co-Founder Steps Down From Leadership Role

Following ill health, Yuga Labs Co-Founder, Wylie Aronow, steps down from his leadership role to become a board member and strategic advisor

Wylie Aronow, Co-Founder of Yuga Labs, is prioritizing his health over a leave of absence from leading the OG NFT projects — Bored Ape Yacht Club and Crypto Punks — following a congestive heart failure diagnosis.

Quick Take: 

  • Aranow is taking a leave of absence from being the co-founder of Yuga Labs following ill health.
  • Instead, he will contribute as a board member and strategic adviser, with his health still coming first.
  • The team behind Yuga Labs fully supports his decision, wishing him a speedy recovery.

What’s Next for Wylie Aronow?

In a Twitter post, Aronow explained to his 144,900 followers why he has to step down from the leadership position due to his “mild” symptoms accelerating to the point where he has no other option (read the entire thread for more information):

This isn’t the first time he has dealt with a chronic illness that has affected his work:

“Those of you who know my story know I lost my twenties to a chronic illness. So when I recovered and we started Yuga, I didn’t want to waste a second chance at life,”

explained Aranow in a Twitter post.

The NFT entrepreneur admits that he has been pushing himself too far, working 12 hours daily. And that he should have taken advice from everyone around him and found a better balance.

Now, his goals are to receive the best medical help and heal. The team behind Yuga Labs is fully supportive of his decisions:

Aronow is yet to set a date on when he hopes to recover and return to his former duties. However, he did reveal that, for now, he will be taking over as a board member and strategic advisor — with his health having importance over his new job roles. 

Alongside getting his health sorted, he also plans on creating a new model for NFT creator royalties.

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