Winner of Dookey Dash Sells Golden Key for $3M

Since Bored Ape Yacht Club released Dookey Dash — an innovative play-to-earn game on the blockchain — the non-fungible token (NFT) community has shown excitement. As a result, the winner of the game’s grand prize, Mongraal, was offered 690 ETH (more than $1M) for the Golden Key.

Surpassingly, he turned down the offer. First, demanding double the amount of around $2.2M before boosting the price to more than $3M on OpenSea.

But does the Golden Key’s value justify such a high price tag, or is the pro gamer dreaming?

Quick Take: 

  • The winner of Dookey Dash receives an offer of 690 ETH (more than $1M USD) for the winning prize. However, he turned it down, demanding double the amount for the Golden Key, before placing it on OpenSea for more than $3M.
  • Players of the game debate the value of the Golden Key, with some questioning whether it’s worth such a high price tag.
  • The prize the key opens is yet to be announced. Regardless, the highest OpenSea bid currently stands at 999 WETH ($1,646,112.24 USD), thanks to 9GAG.

Demand for Jimmy the Monkey’s Golden Key

Despite Dookey Dash ending February 8, 2023, it’s still making headlines over being the first NFT game to reach such popularity, and adding other journeys to the mix  — “Lick the Toad” and “The Summoning” — for all Sewer Pass holders to enjoy.

The winner of the game, a pro gamer for Fort Nite, @Mongraal, was released two weeks ago (despite claiming it weeks before). Consequently, BAYC fans are offering him fortunes for the Golden Key. Pixel Vault-backed UPDAO made a heafty bid of 690 ETH.

Despite this generous offer amounting to more than $1M USD, Mongraal believes the key is worth double the amount:

Being such a significant amount of crypto — and needing more clarification about what the key unlocks — UPDAO declined the offer.

However, this didn’t stop the Dookey Dash winner from boosting the winning price to 2,222 ETH ($3,661,322.72 USD) on OpenSea days later.

Subsequently, tons of NFT enthusiasts and BAYC fans have been participating to win the key in auctions on the secondary marketplace. The highest bid currently stands at 999 WETH (equivalent to $1,646,112.24 USD) by 9GAG.

Mongraal will disclose the ultimate winner of the auction on March 15, 2023. But will the pro gamer get the high price he desires?

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