Win a CryptoPunk Worth €120K in ‘The Lost Wallet’ Game

The Non-Fungible Conference (NFC) and have launched a 24-week alternate reality (AR) metaverse game dubbed “The Lost Wallet“. Once partaking in all eventful quests, the player crowned the winner will score a free CryptoPunk #2672 worth €120K.

Quick Take: 

  • NFC and have launched a 24-week AR metaverse game dubbed “The Lost Wallet”.
  • On March 1, 2023, the next metaverse quest begins. Brands can also join to boost brand exposure.
  • The first player to complete all quests will win a CryptoPunk #2672 worth €120K.
  • Other rewards will be available along the way, including NFTs, partner collections, digital apparel, and 3D buildings from contributing artists like Hackatao and Foodmasku.
  • Players can access the game across numerous Web3 platforms and metaverses, including the official Lost Wallet website and SPATIAL, Decentraland, OVER, R3V3NGE, The Sandbox, and w3rlds (Exclusive). 
CryptoPunk #2672

What Type of Challenge is ‘The Lost Wallet’? 

The Lost Wallet consists of an unparalleled interactive treasure hunt experience. The metaverse comprises various innovative spaces for Web3 gamers and brands to explore.

Starting March 1, 2023, participants can start competing to win CryptoPunk #2672 worth more than €120K, provided they partake in the 24 enticing quests that the game divides into. The winner will win the highly coveted CryptoPunk after all tasks are unlocked.

All players can enjoy this transformation journey, pushing the boundaries of VR to recover a 24-word seed phrase from opening a secret wallet and reap the rewards. In addition, brands can boost their exposure in unique ways.

Rewards will await players on each quest, including artistic non-fungible tokens (NFTs), partner collections, digital apparel, 3D buildings, and other valuable digital assets. Hackatao, Foodmasku, Agoria, John Hamo, Dot Pigeon, and more are contributing artists, making the prizes all the more appealing.

The game is accessible across numerous Web3 platforms, such as Discord and metaverses, thanks to being provided by SPATIAL, Decentraland, OVER, R3V3NGE, The Sandbox, and w3rlds (Exclusive). Each quest adapts to the partners, but the main game launches from the official Lost Wallet website.

Have what it takes to win CryptoPunk #2672 worth €120K, among all other advantages? Then, get involved on March 1, 2023, and enjoy the unique exploration. 

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