VeVe Takes Car Collecting to the Next Level with Lamborghini NFTs

Although it is not their first rodeo in the web3 space, as they have made collections in the past, Italian luxury car giant, Lamborghini, are set to launch their first VeVe NFT collection.

Quick Take:

  • Lamborghini NFTs are set to launch this week on VeVe.
  • Although they have released NFTs before, this is their first on the platform.
  • VeVe have been known for working on valuable licensing partnerships with companies such as DC Comics, Coca Cola, and Pixar.

Lamborghini’s VeVe NFTs

This Sunday, February 19, Automobili Lamborghini are set to launch their first NFTs on VeVe. Both platforms launched the partnership yesterday, February 15.

These NFTs will feature the company’s ‘Huracán STO’ model with a variety of rarity traits. These will range from uncommon to ultra rare. As with most of VeVe’s launches, buyers will be able to showcase their cars in the augmented reality virtual showrooms. Well garage, in this case.

The first group of colours will be Bianco Asopo/Blu Le Mans, Grigio Titans/Giallo Belenus, Rosso Epona/Grigio Adamas, and Verde Citrea/Arancio DAC.

VeVe’s co-founder, David Yu, said: “Lamborghini has always been on the forefront of luxury and innovation when it comes to super sports cars. They have established an iconic legacy that is second to none. VeVe is thrilled to collaborate with Automobili Lamborghini to expand their innovative ways into the digital realm and bring back one of the most iconic supercars of all-time, the Huracán.”

About VeVe

VeVe is a fascinating NFT marketplace that is transforming the digital collectibles industry. It offers a vast choice of licensed 3D digital figures, comics, and other collectibles. These have previously come from popular brands like Marvel, DC Comics, and Jurassic Park. They use blockchain technology to provide a secure and transparent method for buying, selling, and trading digital assets.

Additionally, VeVe provides unique things such as virtual rooms and augmented reality (AR) experiences that create a more interactive collecting experience. Collectors can now interact with their favorite brands in the digital world through VeVe.

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