Vertical Dream Debuts Dookey Dash-Inspired Animation Video

Animation company, Vertical Dream, debuts visually striking video of Bored Ape #6860 exploring the Dookey Dash sewers

Innovative animation company, Vertical Dream, unveils a new entertaining and imaginative video. This time around, showcasing a cyborg Bored Ape (#6860) exploring the gutters of Bored Ape Yacht Club’s (BAYC’s) Dookey Dash.

Quick Take: 

  • Yesterday, Vertical Dream released a graphically impressive video of Bored Ape (#6860) exploring the Dookey Dash sewers.
  • Watchers can vision how Dookey Dash would look in “real life”.
  • Anyone can enjoy this creative content based on Yuga Labs’ story-telling incentives — not just BAYC or Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) holders.

Vertical Dream’s Dookey Dash Journey

Vertical Dream has been pushing the limits with digital content. Yesterday, the animation company unveiled its Bored Ape #6860 animation video inspired by BAYC’s popular play-to-earn game, Dookey Dash, via Twitter:

The video boasts awe-inspiring graphics, with Bored Ape #6860 (owned by @Two_Shainz) using his cyborg eye to navigate the sewer. However, there are many obstacles in the way, making the Ape crash while on his journey.

This creative production cleverly gives watchers an insight into what Dookey Dash would look like in the “real world”.

Although BAYC and MAYC holders are still enjoying Dookey Dash — which is playable until February 8 — those not lucky enough to be a part of the community can now enjoy the sewers without forking out $2,300 to play.

On the contrary, BAYC and MAYC holders are working hard to hit a high score before the project’s next step, The Summoning, comes to light on February 15.

Check out what’s next in store for the BAYC and MAYC community here.

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