The Sandbox March Festival Offers 1M of $SAND

The doors for The Sandbox‘s March Festival are finally open. From today until April 4, non-fungible token (NFT) gamers can partake in the metaverse‘s most rewarding event yet, giving players the chance to enter a prize pool of 1M $SAND.

Quick Takes: 

  • The Sandbox’s March Festival started today, offering NFT gamers the chance to win a prize pool of 1M $SAND until April
  • Additionally, completion of all 30 quests and activities during the festival guarantees players a mystery box and a memorabilia reward, with additional special rewards such as Spring Jacket NFTs and exclusive NFTs.
  • Some of the NFTs included as prizes include OG collectibles, such as Azuki’s BEANZ and World of Women.

Exciting Activities and Rewards at the March Festival

The Sandbox is set to make history with its March Festival starting today. Following the success of last month’s festivities — with the reward pool reaching 500k $SAND — the platform now offers even more quests and activities for gamers to share, monetize and create more experiences.

This time around, players who complete all of the quests and activities — from the likes of Hell’s Kitchen, HSBC, Charles & Keith, and more — will have the chance to win a prize pool of 1M $SAND across Mystery Boxes found during these exclusive events.

The metaverse game took to Twitter to share the joy about what’s in store:

Better still, regardless of experience and skill, the festival will reward all players that complete all 30 quests and activities. Consequently, all gamers who finish will win one mystery box and one memorabilia.

Other special rewards across the festival include Spring Jacket NFTs, premium LAND, and other NFTs, including BEANZ Official, World of Women, Mfers, Chimper, and more.

With more than 40M users on its mobile app and 1M monthly active users, this festival expects to be significant. As NFT gaming continues to grow, The Sandbox March Festival is aiming to be one which sticks.

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