Tezos (XTZ) Now Supported On MintyCode: A Boost for Developer Activity

Tezos Now Supported on MintyCode

Tezos, the open-source blockchain network, is now supported on MintyCode, an innovative platform for open-source contributors, creators, and users. According to a report by Tezos Spotlight, this integration aims to increase developer activity on the Tezos platform by offering new financial incentives.

Boosting Tezos Developer Engagement

MintyCode, a marketplace for open-source contributors, is known for offering financial incentives such as grants, bounties, or paid support requests. The platform’s support for Tezos aims to boost developer engagement by allowing them to submit paid support or feature requests. This move enables the Tezos community to monitor and support these activities in real time.

Previously, MintyCode had a successful run with Etherlink, with a bounty program that concluded two months ago during the ETH Oxford hackathon. This collaboration with Tezos marks a significant step towards expanding its scope to offer bounties and solidifies its commitment to fostering a vibrant community of developers.

Getting Started with MintyCode

To start using MintyCode, developers need to create an account and follow the steps on the landing page. They can also use a GitHub account. After creating an account, users will be asked to link additional accounts, such as GitHub, Stripe, Ethereum wallet, Tezos wallet, and provide KYC details. These details, especially those regarding receiving payments, are necessary for using the platform.

With the platform set up, developers can explore different open-source projects, propose new features, apply for grants, and see if any bounties are available. They can also collaborate with other users and track progress of requests in real-time via the platform.

Final Thoughts

The integration of Tezos support into MintyCode opens another funding route for developers interested in building on the Tezos blockchain. The ability for the community to track and monitor paid support or grant requests in real time enhances transparency and fosters a sense of community. This is a significant step towards enhancing the Tezos ecosystem and boosting its developer activity.

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