Steve Aoki x Stoopid Buddy To Launch Web3 Stop-Motion Series

In their next web3 video, the two A-list celebrities announced a partnership with Pplpleasr’s Shibuya platform, which gives NFT holders a chance to help make the video scene by scene.

Quick Take:

  • Replicant x will provide NFT holders with increased priority and creative control.
  • The two seek to develop next-level quality shot-stop films after a successful run of the dominion x.
  • Fans can shape the storyline. It will combine choose-your-own-adventure and “Mad Libs” elements to make replicant x unique.

Steve Aoki and Seth Green’s NFT Series: What’s It About?

Stoopid Buddy Studios, run by Steve Aoki and Seth Green, prepares to launch a distinctive stop-motion series on the blockchain. It raises the Replicant X project’s narrative to new heights. Included in this are neighborhood involvement and the influential ShibuyaXYZ. Following Dominion X’s enormous success, the team is now aiming to involve the Replicant X community in order to further their narrative.

A Web3 creator platform called ShibuyaXYZ is devoted to rethinking the ways in which long-form content is produced and consumed. The project to tell stories is open to all Replicant X owners. Holders of ReplicantX NFTs must first stake their NFTs at in order to cast a vote for Dominion X: Level 2’s direction. Additionally, this is the first stop-motion movie that a group of NFT holders have ever collaborated on directing.

How To Take Part in The Development of Replicant X

To participate in this one-of-a-kind adventure, replica x NFT holders must stake their NFTs in They will gain voting rights to determine the direction of the dominion x storyline by doing so. Dominion x: Level 2 will thus be the first film co-directed by members of the NFT community.

In addition, at the end of the six-week production period, the project will recognize the participants for their contributions. Each voter will receive a memorial NFT of varying rarity. The participant’s level of contribution will determine the rarity.

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Seth Green has expressed enthusiasm for involving the NFT community in the film’s direction. Given that, the Stoopid Buddy co-founder stated amicably that as creators. Plus, he and Steve Aoki are thrilled to have tools that allow them to incorporate their fans into the creative content creation process.

Furthermore, he has stated that replicant x has the goal to maximize fan input into the dominion x story. On a more serious note, it will produce comedy sequences with far more inventiveness than the two could have imagined.

Emily Yang, the CEO of Shibuya, expressed excitement about the project’s development because of its ability to integrate fans.

Steve Aoki also revealed that character x has been his web3 ambassador since the release of his NFT collection. He reflected on how the character x journey in web3 paralleled his own in many ways. Also, he was ecstatic to collaborate with Seth Green and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios on the evolution of character x into replicant x with their fans by their sides.

The ambitious project intends to initiate an evolutionary and integrative journey in the web3 narrative.

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