SoftServe and Continental Enhance Digitalization with OpenUSD and Generative AI

SoftServe and Continental Boost Automotive Digitalization

SoftServe, a prominent IT consulting and digital services provider, has joined forces with Continental, a leading German automotive technology firm, to develop an innovative solution named Industrial Co-Pilot. This virtual agent, powered by generative AI, aims to optimize maintenance workflows for engineers. This development comes in response to the industry’s growing demand for seamless, connected driving experiences, as reported by the NVIDIA Blog.

OpenUSD Powers Virtual Factory Solutions

SoftServe assists manufacturers such as Continental by integrating the Universal Scene Description, or OpenUSD, framework into virtual factory solutions like Industrial Co-Pilot. These solutions are developed on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform. OpenUSD provides the flexibility and extensibility organizations require to fully harness the potential of digital transformation. It streamlines operations and promotes efficiency. NVIDIA Omniverse is a platform of application programming interfaces, software development kits, and services that enable developers to integrate OpenUSD and NVIDIA RTX rendering technologies smoothly into existing software tools and simulation workflows.

Realizing the Benefits of OpenUSD

Industrial Co-Pilot, a product of SoftServe and Continental’s collaboration, combines generative AI with immersive 3D visualization. This enables factory teams to enhance productivity during equipment and production line maintenance. Engineers can monitor production lines and the performance of individual stations or the shop floor with the copilot’s assistance. The copilot also offers interaction features for conducting root cause analysis and receiving work instructions and recommendations step by step. The streamlined documentation processes and improved maintenance procedures are expected to increase productivity and reduce maintenance effort and downtime by 10%.

OpenUSD and Omniverse Driving AI-enabled Industrial Applications

The adoption of Omniverse and collaboration with SoftServe have been highlighted by Benjamin Huber, who leads advanced automation and digitalization in the user experience business area at Continental. The Omniverse platform equips Continental and SoftServe developers with the tools required to create a new generation of AI-enabled industrial applications and services. By eliminating data silos and promoting cooperation across platforms with OpenUSD, SoftServe and Continental developers can enable engineers to work seamlessly across disciplines and systems. This drives efficiency and innovation throughout their processes.

Embracing Cutting-Edge Technologies

By adopting advanced technologies and fostering collaboration, SoftServe and Continental are reshaping automotive manufacturing. These OpenUSD-powered solutions unlock vast potential, as shared by SoftServe and Continental representatives. To learn more about their virtual factory solutions and their experience developing on NVIDIA Omniverse with OpenUSD, you can watch SoftServe and Continental’s on-demand NVIDIA GTC talks.

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