Render Network Proposes Amendments to RNP-000 and Final Votes for RNP-013 and RNP-015

Render Network Announces Key Changes to RNP

According to a recent announcement by Render Network, two Render Network Proposals (RNP), RNP-013 and RNP-015, have been submitted for final community vote, while amendments to RNP-000 have been proposed for initial community discussion.

Amendments to RNP-000

The amendment to RNP-000 offers additional information on Render Network Grants, reduces the quorum requirement to 15%, and removes the ‘Render Network Team Review’ phase to reduce centralized decision-making and empower the community. The changes aim to simplify and streamline the RNP structure while clarifying the distinction between RNPs and Render Foundation Grants.

RNP-013: Year 1 Emissions Rebalancing

RNP-013 proposes a reorganization of Render Network year-1 node emissions to establish a new long-term emissions pool for Data Generation rewards. The emissions rebalancing also provides an allocation for Render Network Node Availability Rewards, thereby enhancing Node Emissions.

RNP-015: Availability Rewards

RNP-015 outlines a reward mechanism for active nodes on the network, independent of emissions provided for processing compute work. The purpose of the Availability Rewards is to address key challenges in generating consistent supply for the scaling of multi-sided, decentralized compute networks. These rewards were initially passed in RNP-001 and include models to demonstrate the impact on Node Operator earnings based on past network activity.

Final Voting Details for RNP-013 and RNP-015

Voting links for SPL RENDER token holders and ERC-20 RNDR token holders are provided in the announcement. Any voting issues can be addressed to For more resources, Render Network has also provided a link to their Helpdesk.

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