Rarible Unveils Marketplace Builder for Polygon-Based NFTs

Rarible unveils marketplace builder that is available to all creators, regardless of their Web3 skills or financial resources

The NFT market is FINALLY experiencing a bull(ish) trend! And Rarible‘s recent announcement couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Web3 platform — that enables the creation, sale, and purchase of digital art ownership rights through NFTs — is now introducing its new NFT marketplace builder tool for Polygon-based NFT creators to enjoy.

Quick Take: 

  • Creators of Polygon-based NFT collections can now create customized marketplaces.
  • Rarible’s marketplace builder is entirely free for all users to enjoy. 
  • This powerful tool allows creators on Polygon to connect with and expand their communities in new and exciting ways.

Rarible’s New Marketplace Builder: How Does It Work? 

Rarible is now making it even easier for creators to showcase and sell their unique NFTs on the Polygon network, thanks to its new marketplace-building tool.

This new service is user-friendly and customizable. Creators can tailor their marketplaces to their specific preferences and needs.

Being free to use is a significant advantage. Consequently, this new service is accessible to all creators regarding their skill levels in the Web3 sphere and budgets.

Web3 curious creators can take to the platform for the first time to test this new tool—what do they have to lose?

Users can also achieve such goals without writing a single line of code. Meanwhile, offering customizable royalty fees and other customization options.

Notable Opportunities – What’s Next? 

Creators who wish to take advantage of this new tool can access the platform directly, connect their cryptocurrency wallets (MetaMask, WalletConnect, or Coinbase), and start creating and boosting their brand immediately.

Those wanting unique resources and customization can access Rarible’s white glove services, available for all marketplaces and chains that the platform supports.

Big brands like Starbucks, Instagram, among others, show attraction to the Polygon chain, making Rarible’s marketplace builder a strategic choice for some.

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