PROOF of Conference Lineup: Beeple, Yuga Labs, DeGods…

Beeple, Yuga Labs, DeGods, Larva Labs, Snowfro, Gary Vee, etc., will cover all things art and innovation at this year’s PROOF of Conference

Already, there has been a lot of hype about Moonbirds’ PROOF of Conference, despite not taking place in the creative oasis of Downtown Los Angeles until May 11-13, 2023.

With OG NFT artists like Beeple, Yuga Labs, Gary Vee, and others set to take the stage, it’s no wonder.

Quick Take:

  • PROOF of Conference will take place in Los Angeles, May 11 – 13, 2023.
  • The conference’s lineup includes prominent NFT pioneers: Beeple, Alexis Ohanian, Snowfro, Gary Vee, Yuga Labs, Greg Solana & Wylie Aronow, Larva Labs, John & Matt, Frank III (DeGods), GMoney, and All Seeing Senega (more speakers to be released).
  • All individuals interested in Web3 can benefit from listening to their awe aspiring presentations, learning about all things Web3, art and innovation.
  • NFT tickets are available now via the PROOF of Conference website.

Exciting Insights at the PROOF of Conference

PROOF — the organization behind the OG NFT collection Moonbirds — invites prominent figures and inquisitive individuals from the Web3 community. Members can listen, unwind and gain knowledge at the PROOF of Conference.

Moreover, the conference will offer a platform for experiencing the strength of online communities in person, inviting significant players and influencers shaping the future of creativity. Some of which include the most prominent names in the NFT space: Beeple, Alexis Ohanian, Snowfro, Gary Vee, Yuga Labs, Greg Solana & Wylie Aronow, Larva Labs, John & Matt, Frank III (DeGods), GMoney and All Seeing Senega.

Only today, Beeple shared the good news about his upcoming presence:

The areas the OG NFT artists will cover include art and creativity, brand building, community, and innovation and technology. All of these are essential elements for curators wanting to create a notable NFT project.

Featuring the NFT industry’s most prominent names and live entertainment, there is already much excitement surrounding the event.

Each day will also end with live entertainment. Therefore, offers event attendees and speakers a great opportunity to let their hair down and celebrate Web3.

This is PROOF’s biggest community event to date. So, join the online community in person to unwind, gain new insights, and shape the future of the NFT space.

All tickets are purchasable with ETH via the PROOF of Conference website.

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