Pokémon Joining the NFT Craze? Seeks Corporate Development Principal with Web3 Expertise!

The Pokémon Company, one of the world’s biggest entertainment companies, is reportedly seeking a Corporate Development Principal with knowledge of web3 and NFTs. The position requires the candidate to be “deeply connected” to people in the web3 and metaverse space.

Quick Take:

  • Pokémon is seeking a Corporate Development Principal with knowledge of web3 and NFTs.
  • The new hire will presumably be responsible for identifying opportunities to leverage blockchain-based technology.
  • This marks the first time that the entertainment giant has explored the potential of NFTs and the web3 space.

Pokémon’s First Official Web3 Endeavour

This move has sparked excitement among fans and experts alike, as it marks the first time that Pokémon is entering the web3 space. Furthermore, with their global popularity and influence, it will be interesting to see how they will leverage this new technology to enhance their brand.

Pokémon is a household name that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide for over two decades. As a result, the news of their interest in the web3 space has generated immense interest and speculation.

The addition of a Corporate Development Principal with expertise in web3 and NFTs indicates the company’s willingness to embrace the latest trends in the world of technology and entertainment. The Pokémon Company has been known to adapt and evolve with the times, and this move is a testament to their forward-thinking approach.

Meanwhile, the new hire will be tasked with the brand management, licensing, marketing of the company’s products outside of Asia. This will probably include exploring and identifying potential opportunities for leveraging NFTs and other blockchain-based technologies.

Additionally, the new Corporate Development Principal will surely be responsible for building and maintaining relationships with key players in the web3 and metaverse space. This is critical, as a strong network can help the company stay on top of the latest industry trends.

The move is also significant because it highlights the potential of NFTs and blockchain technology to transform the entertainment industry. Notably, as one of the world’s biggest entertainment companies, Pokémon’s foray into the web3 space is a significant milestone. Ultimately, It demonstrates the growing interest in blockchain-based technologies and their potential to revolutionize the way we consume entertainment.

Consequently, a member of the Pokemon community on Twitter clearly showed their distaste towards the NFT industry. Their Tweet included: “Oh no, please no.”

A few of the responses also remained on a critical side towards the introduction of the Japanese game company to NFTs. @Rogue_GnW said “This, to me, as a 10 year player, scares me”, with another adding “I love the Pokémon series, but this is too much.”

Their Prior Lawsuit

What’s more, it is worth noting that this is not the first time that Pokémon has encountered NFTs. In 2021, the company took legal action against an Australian-based company. They were using Pokémon’s intellectual property to create an NFT game called Pokéworld. The Pokémon Company took action and shut down the game since it was not licensed by them. However, the move indicated that the company was interested in exploring the potential of NFTs officially.

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