Over 50% of Pre-Sold Solana Memecoins Abandoned Post $25M Raise

In the wake of the memecoin frenzy, over $25 million invested in pre-sold Solana memecoins has been left stranded, with more than half of the top projects abandoned within just one month.

ZachXBT’s investigation identified 12 Solana memecoin projects that have been deserted by their founders, leaving investors in the lurch. Solana Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko expressed skepticism towards the trend, stating, “Pre-selling a meme doesn’t make any sense to begin with.” Yakovenko previously cautioned against investing in memecoin pre-sales, highlighting the riskiness of such endeavors.

Of the 22 projects initially scrutinized, ZachXBT revealed that 12 have already been deserted within a month. Notable among these are LIKE, MOONKE, FROG, TEMPLE, and SORRY, which collectively raised over $2 million. Other projects, including those like @Jared_eth, raised substantial funds without even launching a token, with one account flagged as compromised by the web3 security platform Pocket Universe.

The memecoin frenzy has now shifted to the Coinbase-backed Base blockchain, indicating a lack of lessons learned from the Solana debacle, according to ZachXBT.

Meanwhile, the price of SOL, Solana’s native token, has witnessed a significant decline since the memecoin boom. Although SOL surged to over $200 during the peak of the frenzy, largely fueled by memecoin speculation, it has since plummeted to $154 as of the latest data. This represents a 23% decrease, despite SOL having already bounced back approximately 30% from its recent low of $117 on April 13.

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