Multi-Chain Options Protocol Optix Launches With $1.8M Investment Boost

Multi-chain option protocol Optix has welcomed a major investment boost from an assortment of well-known venture capital firms.

Optix, which enables option markets across a wide range of assets, raised $1.8 million in a funding round led by Skynet Trading, followed by Ascensive Assets, Arrington Capital , LVT Capital, Morningstar Ventures, and SkyVision Capital. Additional capital came from leading crypto exchanges Huobi Global and Phemex.

“We are beyond thrilled to welcome so many distinguished blockchain investors to our team,”

said Danny Dorito, Core Team Member of Optix Protocol.

“This funding will enable Optix to advance our mission of providing a simple trading interface for transferring risk on any crypto asset with leverage, hedging, and sustainable yield for all.”

Optix Protocol recently launched on multiple chains with unique features such as options on altcoins, capital efficiency, cash-settled options, a user-friendly experience, permissionless structured products, multichain support, permissioned DeFi, and block trading.

The native token, OPTIX, will be launched in Q2 2023, when stakers of the token will be able to reduce their trading fees.

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