Moonbirds DAO Unleashes Brand Expansion With Lunar Society

To boost brand expansion beyond Web3, Moonbirds is switching its safe haven to the Lunar Society, a community-driven Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Quick Take: 

  • Lunar Society is a new DAO launched by Moonbirds to expand the reach of NFT and Web3 brands beyond its current ecosystem.
  • All Moonbird and Mythic holders can join the DAO to participate in the Society’s voting process for future ideas.
  • As a result, the Society will offer experiences and rewards to Moonbirds and Mythics holders.

An Overview of Lunar Society, Moonbirds’ DAO

Lunar Society is dedicating itself to expanding the reach of Moonbirds and alongside its other NFTcollection, Mythics. According to official documentation, the DAO will “incentivize, highlight, and support community members to build the brand and explore creative opportunities.”

Various sources will fund the Lunar Society to make all new decision-making possible:

  • A cash injection of $2M from PROOF Treasury
  • 35% on secondary royalties
  • 7 Moonbirds
  • $500K worth of Moonbirds sales on the open market.

All funding will assist toward Lunar Society’s plans for boosting Moonbirds and Mythics.

Lunar Society’s Voting Process 

Holders of Moonbirds and Mythics NFTs can participate in Lunar Society’s voting process. However, Moonbird collectors are granted three votes per one NFT, whereas Mythic holders are eligible for just one vote per one digital asset. Even if all 20,000 Mythics “hatch” (mint), Moonbirds holders will still have the most voting power.

Nevertheless, to stay informed and discuss the best ways forward for brand expansion, both NFT holders can join the Discord channel and attend bi-weekly Town Hall meetings. This gives them the opportunity to join forces, giving the DAO feedback and support.

Voting will take place on each week, and all results will be shared on the Society’s website and Discord channel. A new batch of ideas is accepted for review and voting every other week.

How to Place Your Vote 

Moonbirds and Mythics members must create a “Collector Profile” before placing their votes on The results will then be viewable on the society’s Discord and website.

The Lunar Society is looking for three different types of voting requests from its members to help toward brand expansion: Key of approval, grant funding, and trademark usage.

Members can access to the Society’s “Builder Group” when obtaining the approval key, by using the Lunar Society seal of approval alongside signposting support. In addition, projects accepted for the Society’s mission are eligible for grant funding. Members can also request trademark usage for names and logos associated with Moonbirds or Mythics. Once approved, all projects accepted receive the key of approval.

Interested in having a say in Moonbirds and Mthics brand expansion? Learn more about the new strategy here.

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