Maple Finance Unveils Syrup Yield Platform and Token

Maple Finance, a cryptocurrency lending firm, has introduced Syrup, a new loans platform and rewards token aimed at integrating institutional-friendly yield-bearing digital assets with the decentralized finance sector.

Maple’s Syrup platform offers users up to 15% yields by depositing Circle’s USDC stablecoin. Users receive LP tokens (syrupUSDC) and additional yield in the form of “Drips,” a loyalty payment derived from the usage of the SYRUP rewards token, as announced in a press release on Tuesday.

Holders of MPL, Maple’s native token, will be able to migrate to the SYRUP token on a one-for-one basis.

While many centralized crypto lending firms have struggled over the past few years, Maple has endured the bear market by maintaining a stringent approach, accepting deposits only from accredited investors with comprehensive know-your-customer checks. This method allows Maple to operate within the U.S. and serve regulation-conscious institutions, according to Maple co-founder Joe Flanagan.

“We aim to keep our institutional focus while staying true to our DeFi origins,” Flanagan said in an interview. “The launch of Syrup allows us to function within the broader DeFi ecosystem. This enables us to bring institutional-quality yields sourced from over-collateralized loans to the largest institutions and a DeFi audience.”

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