Magic Eden’s ‘Mint Madness’ Offers Free NFT Mints

Well-know marketplace previously famous for its Solana NFTs, Magic Eden (ME), recently introduced a major gaming event. “Mint Madness” is granting free non-fungible token (NFT) mints over a dozen Web3 games – all month long.

Quick Takes: 

  • Magic Eden is facilitating 13 free Web3 games across Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon throughout March via Mint Madness event.
  • Participants will be placed together depending on their trading abilities, with opportunities to enter grand prize pools across chains.
  • To join, gamers must connect their crypto address to their Magic Eden account. Then, log in to ME and link to their Twitter and Discord.
Games featured on Magic Eden’s “Mint Madness” event

Notable Advantages of ‘Mint Madness’

Distributed among Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon, ME is facilitating 13 free Web3 games all month long. Each game will include rewards involving NFTs for in-game assets.

Some of the games to be featured include Planet Mojo, Shrapnel, Legendary Heroes Unchained, Peto Bots, among others.

The secondary marketplace took to Twitter to share its excitement:

To central competitiveness, ME has promised to present a leadership board of the top NFT traders from Mint Madness collections via social media. Participants will be put together depending on their trading abilities. For example, the top 10 traders on Polygon will be “pooled” together in a prize pool of 20k MATIC (around $25.5k). The first-place winner will receive a whopping 4.5k MATIC (approximately $5.4k).

Accordingly, the secondary marketplace will distribute free NFTs depending on players’ performances.

How to Join 

To join Mint Madness, those interested must connect their crypto addresses to their Magic Eden account, log in, and connect to Twitter and Discord.

The platform will draw 50 wallets per project the day before minting. So, gamers must stay close to their Twitter feed to see whether or not they are lucky enough to be on the whitelist. 

Once having access, this event presents a fantastic opportunity for all types of Web3 gamers to acquire free NFT mints alongside a generous chunk of cryptocurrency via the prize pool.

So, join the fun for the chance to win big!

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