Lunar New Year Celebration in the McDonald’s Metaverse

McDonald’s metaverse players can witness the transition the Year of the Tiger to Year of the Rabbit through an impressive 3D illusion

McDonald’s welcomes a new way to celebrate the Lunar New Year by partnering with digital entrepreneur and storyteller, Karen X Cheng, to bring an immersive digital world.

Quick Take: 

  • McDonald’s partners with Cheng to launch an interactive campaign for the Lunar New Year.
  • Users can celebrate the holiday by exploring virtual versions of traditional Asian influences and elements inspired by Cheng’s childhood memories.
  • The metaverse is available to explore on the Spacial app using any connected device.

McDonald’s Virtual Lunar New Year Celebration

McDonald’s is experiencing the Lunar New Year like never before by celebrating it through innovation on the metaverse.

By utilizing virtual reality, augmented reality (AR), and 3D animation, users can partake in various activities, including traditional Chinese games like Weiqi and Mahjong, cooking competitions and virtual zoos. There’s a little something all walks of life can enjoy.

Users can boost their experiences by customizing 3D avatars and connecting with friends using the in-app messenger via Spatial.

There will be a significant event to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit on January 25.

Cheng will also host an event – avatar form – on February 2.

So, join the metaverse on the Spatial app⁠—accessible for any connected device.

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