Louis Vuitton Partners With Yayoi Kusama to Offer 10,000 NFTs

After the success of their first NFT game, which came out a few months ago, Louis Vuitton and the famous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama are now getting ready to release their first NFT collaboration.

Quick Take:

  • The two global icons’ NFT collaboration gives customers 10,000 digital assets.
  • Louis Vuitton ensures customers can easily exchange 10,000 digital assets for tangible copies to celebrate their 200th anniversary.
  • If other luxury brands’ NFT prices are any indication, the NFT’s price will be around 4 ETH.

Louis Vuitton X Yayoi Kusama’s First NFT Collaboration

The NFT partnership between two big names in the international market gives customers access to 10,000 digital assets. Louis Vuitton is preparing for their 200th-anniversary celebration. In addition, the collection enables customers to exchange 10,000 digital assets for tangible duplicates easily.

Last year, Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama introduced their first independent NFT game, attracting a massive following. According to available data, the game has received more than 2 million downloads.

Louis Vuitton’s decision to launch an NFT collection. This includes the recent rise in crypto prices and the increase in NFT trades across markets.

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Through the OpenSea marketplace, the company intends to generate income by charging a 7% royalty to customers. Yuga Labs utilized the same business model for the Bored Ape Yacht Club project and generated over $1.8 million in royalties.

What’s The Price?

If the current trend of NFT prices released by other luxurious brands holds true, the estimated price for the NFT will be around 4 ETH. The collaboration of the two iconic brands of Kusama and Louis Vuitton adds a unique twist to the NFT world. This is by providing collectors with a rare opportunity to own a piece with the legacy of both brands.

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Why The Collection Is Important?

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, who is 93 years old, is best known for her Infinity Rooms and her signature polka-dotted pumpkin. These have made her the most famous artist in the world. Kusama’s influence is growing thanks to social media and the fact that she is known on many different platforms. As a result, the collaboration with the iconic figure elevates Louis Vuitton to the pinnacle of customer attraction.

Luxurious brands have expressed interest in the NFT market in recent months. The launch by Louis Vuitton illustrates the NFT market’s surge in popularity. Many luxury brands have joined the trend of embracing innovation in order to adapt to the digital space. Lastly, the large customer base of Louis Vuitton and the reputation of Kusama is expected to usher in a new era in the digital arena.

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