How Binance’s Art Generator is Disrupting NFT World

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, recently launched Bicasso, an AI art generator. The seamless NFT minting capability of Bicasso sets it apart from other AI art generators. So, once you’ve finished your masterpiece, you can mint it as an NFT and monetize it. Previously, creating art and minting it as an NFT were two separate processes that required two different platforms and a lot of time.

Quick Take:

  • Bicasso is an AI art generator with seamless NFT minting.
  • Bicasso experienced technical difficulties during its test launch but sold out all 10,000 NFTs in just 2.5 hours.
  • Bicasso’s launch shows the potential impact of NFTs and AI on traditional creative industries and the role of humans in the future.

Bicasso : Binance’s NFT Generator

To begin, CZ, the CEO of Binance, announced the test launch of Bicasso on Twitter, with a mintage of only 10,000 coins. The response it received from people all over the world surprised the Bicasso backend. It crashed several times, and users complained loudly on Twitter. This setback, however, did not prevent the minting of all 10,000 NFTs in a record-breaking 2.5 hours.

Because of this successful launch, many people are hailing CZ as a marketing genius. He created artificial demand by limiting the mint to only 10,000 coins, and the hiccup only resulted in more impressions online and more people learning about it.

How does Bicasso function?

The image generator itself functions similarly to existing AI tools like Dall-E, Nightcafe, Jasper, Midjourney, and so on. You only have to give the tool some cues to point the generator in the right creative direction. You can also write a description of the desired outcome. Then, simply press the generate button and watch as Bicasso creates a work of art.

You can also provide the generator with an image to work with. Bicasso will enhance the image based on your written cues and return the output to you. If the final result does not meet your expectations, you can include additional instructions and Bicasso will fine-tune the result. When you’re finished, click the “mint” button, and Bicasso will create a tokenised version of your artwork on the Binance Smart Chain.

However, following the completion of the initial mint, the platform has now become a waitlist registration page for when the next test is available or when the full version is made available to the public. So, while you can no longer create an AI-generated NFT with Bicasso, you can still sign up for the waitlist and expect to be granted access when Bicasso reopens.


With the release of Bicasso, one thing is clear: NFTs and AI have a strong hold on public attention today. ChatGPT and Bard have already been able to not only pass human certifications and degrees but also to replace specific jobs. Everyone would have thought that the first jobs to be affected by AI would be technical and analytical ones a few years ago.

Unexpectedly, the creatives are now being challenged – by something that does not tire or procrastinate. Lastly, Bicasso is one step closer to a world in which we don’t know where humans fit.

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