Hong Kong Poised to Greenlight Bitcoin and Ether ETFs 

Hong Kong is on the brink of approving Bitcoin and Ether Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) as soon as Monday, according to sources familiar with the matter. This development represents a significant advancement for the cryptocurrency sector within the region.

Harvest Fund Management, in conjunction with Bosera Asset Management and HashKey Capital, is poised to receive approval for its spot Bitcoin and Ether ETF applications. By the end of April, these ETFs are anticipated to secure the green light from the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). Furthermore, the SFC is reportedly collaborating with Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd to finalize the approval process.

Although the precise timeline remains uncertain, sources indicate that initial approvals, which may encompass Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFs, could materialize as early as Monday.

Regulators in the region have already given the green light for the launch of crypto-based ETFs. Notably, CSOP Ether Futures, Samsung Bitcoin Futures, and CSOP Bitcoin Futures collectively boast an estimated value of $170 million.

Bitcoin ETFs have demonstrated robust inflows since their launch, contributing to a resurgence in the cryptocurrency markets. By mid-April, the total assets under management for the 11 ETFs are projected to soar to a record $73 billion, with $59 billion raised to date. The net flows into Blackrock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust have surpassed $15 billion in just three months.

As of the beginning of this week, Harvest was anticipated to secure approval to launch a spot Bitcoin ETF in the city. Both Harvest and China Asset Management received approval from the SFC to offer virtual asset fund management services on April 9.

Regulators are actively working towards enabling investors to purchase spot ETFs. Julia Leung, deputy chief executive director of intermediaries for the SFC, affirmed that the regulator is “actively seeking to establish a regime to approve ETFs that provide investor guarantees for mainstream virtual assets.”

Despite encountering setbacks such as the emergence of JPEX, an unlicensed crypto exchange implicated in an alleged $1.6 million fraud, Hong Kong remains steadfast in its ambitions to support crypto entrepreneurs and restore its reputation as a global business center.

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