GQ Magazine Ventures into the NFT Space

Historical American men’s magazine, GQ are making their first moves into the web3 space with an innovative collection of NFTs.

Quick Take:

  • GQ Magazine are launching their first NFT collection.
  • Holders will receive a variety of benefits including magazine subscriptions, live events and merchandise.
  • The first project will be titled GQ3.

GQ Magazine’s First NFTs: GQ3

GQ’s entry into the NFT and web3 space with their GQ3 collection demonstrates their commitment to evolving with the times. The collection name references the industry as a whole. Previously, the magazine have referred to this collection as a pass to “unlock their universe”.

British GQ previously covered NFTs on their YouTube channel, speaking with Beeple after his historic sale.

The “Issue 001: Change Is Good” collection aims to embody GQ’s philosophy that change is a positive force, and this is reflected in the selection of the four artists (Chuck Anderson, Serwah Attafuah, Kelsey Niziolek, and REO). These artists were chosen to create digital art that inspires change and disrupts traditional norms.

The creation of over 100 unique traits by each artist, combined with algorithmic technology, resulted in an unlimited number of variations for each piece in the collection. This approach ensures that every artwork in the collection is of course unique and one-of-a-kind.

The decision to release a limited edition collection of 1,661 pieces for the 66th anniversary of GQ is an interesting nod to the magazine’s history. They are priced at 0.1957 ETH (~$330) apiece – also reflecting the year they were founded. This also ensures that the collection remains exclusive and highly sought-after.

There is still a fair amount of time in the release, with a confirmed date of March 1 on the table. Users will be able to purchase the tokens through three stages: an allow list for GQ’s selected Discord members, a pre-mint list for selected partners and winners, and an eventual public sale if they aren’t all gone.

The Member Benefits

Beyond the NFT collection, GQ is offering a variety of benefits to those who purchase GQ3 NFTs. These include a free one-year magazine subscription, priority access to future drops from GQ, and live events. The exclusive GQ merch is also a nice touch, making this collection more than just a digital purchase.

Finally, those in the US who minted GQ3 NFTs will receive a free GQ Box, as the magazine aim to provide high-quality products and benefits to their audience.

This collection marks an exciting moment for GQ. It sets the stage for their future in the NFT and web3 space.

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