Golem (GLM) Project Advances in GPU Provider Beta Testing Program

Golem (GLM) Project’s GPU Provider Beta Testing Program Progress

According to a recent blog post by Golem Project, the GPU Provider Beta Testing Program has made significant progress. This program, which commenced on January 29th, has already attained several milestones, with invaluable feedback from community members playing a crucial role in the process.

Milestones Achieved

The beta testing program has so far seen the registration of over 300 individuals on the waitlist, with 67 individuals receiving invitations to participate in the beta testing. The criteria for selection hinged on having a single GPU in the machine, as multi-GPU support is not yet available.

The beta testing sessions saw providers engaging in AI tasks, with the feedback from testers helping to shape updates and fixes in documentation. An additional 17 beta testers have been invited to participate, with GPUs such as A6000 A40 and A100.

Upcoming Steps

The Golem Project is now focusing on a project aimed at developing multi-GPU support within the provider. This project is still in the planning stage and is expected to take two months to develop. Once complete, the beta testing will resume, involving participants who have at least two GPUs in a single machine.

Existing beta testers will continue to receive tasks. Concurrently, the project will be conducting demand-side tests with developers and startups, and engaging in discussions with requestors to better understand their needs. Subsequently, the team will announce their plan for supporting requestors and extend invitations to the Golem community to participate in beta testing the solutions provided by requestors.

The team expressed their eagerness to share exciting developments with the community once multi-GPU support is ready, encouraging interested parties to sign up and join the waitlist.

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