Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade To Raise ETH Staking Average And Balloon PoS Validator Count: Report


  • JP Morgan analysts expect the ratio of staked Ether to move towards the 60% average on other Proof-of-Stake blockchains.
  • The bank added that yield returns could dip while the number of validators on Ethereum should increase to over 2 million.
  • JP Morgan also sees liquid staking protocols like Lido Finance claiming more ETH staking market share.
  • ETH developer said the Shanghai update should roll out in March, barring delays. 
  • Retail crypto staking in America could suffer turbulence, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted recently

Behemoth bank JP Morgan released a report noting that Ethereum’s upcoming Shanghai update should spur a rise in Ether (ETH) staking ratio, the number of validators on the network, and activity on liquid staking services like Lido Finance. 

The report published on Wednesday highlighted the staking ratio average on other Proof-of-Stake blockchains, saying the number was around 60%. In comparison, the ratio on Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) sits at approximately 14%. 

Crypto’s second-largest blockchain switched to PoS from a Proof-of-Work consensus in September 2022. The move effectively replaced miners, who secure and validate blocks on PoW chains, with validators who play a similar role. 

Analysts at JP Morgan opined that number of validators could also balloon as the ratio of stake PoS ETH increases. The number of validators on ETH’s PoS chain recently crossed half a million following a surge in client participation since the Merge – the name used to refer to Ethereum’s PoS upgrade. 

Ethereum Yield And Staking Protocols

JP Morgan’s research also predicted a drop in yield returns on staked ETH. According to the bank, yield returns could dip to 5% from 7.4% as validators and staked ETH ratio nears the PoS blockchain average. Yield refers to rewards that users, or in this case validators, receive for participating on the network and staking Ether. 

Furthermore, JP Morgan sees liquid staking services like Lido Finance commanding a greater market share in ETH’s ecosystem and the broader staking landscape. 

Unlike the standard staking model where tokens are locked and users cannot access liquidity on those coins, Lido and other liquid stakers provide derivate assets pinned to the staked tokens. This allows holders to trade these derivatives and leverage liquidity facilities underpinned by their staked assets. 

ETH developers noted that Shanghai’s upgrade should roll out in mid-March barring any major delays. Ethereum engineers successfully released a shadow fork testnet and a withdrawal testnet dubbed Zhejiang ahead of the major update. 

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SEC To Hunt Down Crypto Staking In The US – Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong 

The staking economy in the United States could experience stiff opposition as rumors that the SEC plans to eliminate retail crypto staking swept crypto Twitter on Wednesday. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong hinted at the development, saying that he hopes Gary Gensler’s agency adopts a different approach. 

Indeed, such a move could spell difficult times ahead for U.S.-based ETH stakers. Currently, the number of staked ETH has crossed 16 million Ether. 

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