eBay Hiring Multiple Roles As They Push Further Into NFTs

Following the acquisition of NFT marketplace, KnownOrigin, eBay have advertised for a variety of web3-focused job roles as they look to further themselves into the NFT industry.

Quick Take:

  • eBay have advertised on LinkedIn for a selection of web3-focused jobs.
  • Crypto Counsel, Head of Community, and Marketing Executive are amongst the new roles.
  • This comes after the multi-billion dollar marketplace took over KnownOrigin, an NFT marketplace.

New Job Roles

This week, multi-billion dollar US-based marketplace, eBay, advertised a selection of web3 related jobs that will focus on their KnownOrigin venture, a company which they took over last Summer.

The entire list of advertised jobs are Marketing Campaign Executive, Tech Lead, Content Designer, Artist Liaison Manager, Crypto Counsel and Head of Community.

Within the variety of job posts, eBay said: “ is an early web3 pioneer, an NFT marketplace empowering a new generation of digital artists to express themselves, find an audience and earn a living from their passion.”

Many of the new opportunities are based in Manchester, England, where KnownOrigin’s head office is, with hybrid working methods available. They all have tens of applicants each, with the Marketing Campaign Executive being the most competitive with 102 and countin”g.

This is certainly an exciting thing for things to come – as eBay are looking forward to making strides in the NFT industry following their buyout of KnownOrigin.

The Background of eBay and KnownOrigin

In June of last year, ecommerce giants eBay stepped their foot into the NFT industry through the purchase of Manchester-based NFT marketplace, KnownOrigin.

The company noted the acquisition as: “an important step in eBay’s tech-led reimagination, ushering in a new era of digital collecting to the world’s top destination for collectibles.”

KnownOrigin was first founded in 2018 and has since sustained solid growth numbers through allowing the buying and selling of NFTs. At the time of purchase, in June, KnownOrigin had seen $7.8 million worth of trading volume in the four years since launch. A couple of months before, KnownOrigin had received $4.3 million in a series A funding round.

At the time of purchase, a price point of the deal was not disclosed by either party.

eBay’s Competitors Coming into the Market

Undoubtedly, eBay is the biggest competitor to Amazon when it comes to ecommerce across the world. The latter has been rumoured to be entering the NFT space over the past couple of days.

According to a CoinGeek article, Amazon have been in discussion with a plethora of blockchains to discuss their move into the industry.

As one of the biggest companies in the world, Amazon have been hinting the launch of NFTs for some time – since early last year to be exact. It was at this point when CEO Andy Jassy said they could be coming at some point.

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