Doritos Enter Metaverse With Polygon NFTs

Tortilla chip giants, Doritos, are entering the metaverse this week through a variety of activities and plans. Across three days next week, the ‘Doritos Triangle Studios’, hosted on Decentraland, will include $25,000 worth of prizes.

Quick Take:

  • Snack company, Doritos, are starting their ‘Triangle Studios’ this week.
  • $25,000 worth of competitions will be hosted on Decentraland.
  • The giveaway is set to include custom gaming PCs, a selection of rare NFTs, and Decentraland wearables.

The Details of ‘Doritos Triangle Studios’

‘Doritos Triangle Studios’ will run from 8th-10th February this week through three days worth of giveaways. Users will be able to play mini games, create custom music beats and test their skills for the chance to win some prizes.

Two custom gaming PCs and CloneX (#12118) or Meebits (#53) NFTs will be a part of the prize pool. Also, all players can claim free Doritos wearables: Polygon NFTs that can be used on the Decentraland metaverse.

For the full experience, playing the minigames and claiming the free wearables, users must connect their wallet to Decentraland, however, they can access the metaverse experience by signing in as a guest.

The company officially announced their step into NFTs on Twitter.

Many from the Polygon and wider NFT community were excited to see the news. One said: “Another massive name joins the long list of massive names on Polygon… the ecosystem of the future.”

Another added: “Made the right choice, since Polygon has been shaping the future of the metaverse for years, even powering the top projects in the industry.”

Words from Polygon’s Founder, Mihailo Bjelic

Mihailo Bjelic, Polygon blockchain’s founder, took to Twitter after Doritos announced the move. He said: “Welcoming Doritos to the Polygon family! Interesting to note that they, as well as several other global brands, started using Polygon without any bizdev activity or help from Polygon Labs! Organic mainstream adoption is the best mainstream adoption.”

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