Discover BAYC’s ‘Lick the Toad’ – Dookey Dash’s Next Adventure

Tongue-tied for adventure? New Dookey Dash members can “Lick the Toad” to open BAYC’s next big event, “The Summoning

Bored Ape Yacht Club’s (BAYC’s) Dookey Dash leadership board is currently under review. To keep Sewer Pass holders engaged, BAYC is getting ready to unlock its next adventure, “Lick the Toad”, before launching “The Summoning”.

Quick Take:

  • BAYC and MAYC Sewer Pass holders can soon carry on their Dookey Dash adventures.
  • Lick the Toad is the next Dookey Dash adventure, set to take place on February 22.
  • The mini-game is an excellent opportunity to earn points for involvement in the next journey.
  • After Lick the Toad, The Summoning will launch on March 8.

The Scoop of ‘Lick the Toad’ 

BAYC and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) Sewer Pass holders can now carry on their Dookey Dash adventures. Lick the Toad is the next mini-game to launch on February 22. Then, it’s time for players to experience next-level excitement as The Summoning comes to light on March 8.

The Summoning was initially supposed to launch before Lick the Toad. However, the BAYC team decided that Lick the Toad is a fantastic opportunity for Sewer Pass holders without any points to redeem themselves. Players without any points cannot access The Summoning. So, it’s time for new players to get licking and stop ribbiting for access into the next big adventure. 

To win points, players must capture toads alongside Gary, to unlock companion traits when participating in the mini-game. Players will score high based on run lengths alongside the number of fragments collected and objects bonked. The top 500 best players will win 500 companion traits as a result.

Additionally, the top 2000 toad catchers will receive 2000 traits — depending on how many toads they catch in a single go. 

Since Dookey Dash, the Yuga Labs ecosystem has grown by a whopping 40%, showing the power of this revolutionary non-fungible token (NFT) game.

With toads ringing in the air, this is an excellent opportunity for recent Sewer Pass holders to join the action.

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