Dillon Danis, MMA Fighter, Exposed for Promoting Fake NFT Collection

MMA Fighter and internet personality, Dillon Danis, has been called out by YouTuber-investigative journalist, Coffeezilla (Stephen Findeisen), for promoting a scam NFT collection, SourzNFT Candies. Findeisen actually just created the project to experiment if celebrities would promote anything for money.

Quick Take:

  • Dillon Danis, who is good friends with Conor McGregor, promoted a fake NFT project without announcing he was being paid for it.
  • The SourzNFT Candies were created by YouTuber Coffeezilla as an experiment.
  • The YouTuber later mentioned that he paid the MMA fighter $1000.

Dillon Danis posted to his Twitter saying “Check this out! SourzNFT Candies are Moonbound!”. Coffeezilla later called out for him simply copying text that he was sent, with no research, no public announcement that it was a paid advert, and it actually spelled out scam.

Above all, the primary issue is that the American fighter never mentioned that he was paid – $1000 – for his tweet.

Upon visiting the SourzNFT website, there are obvious points to show the fakeness of the project. For example, in the FAQs section, one of the questions are “how can I get one?”. To which the answer is “Easy! You don’t!”

Searching further into it, when you go to the Dillon Danis section of the site, there is a report on the fighter’s previous NFT promotions gone wrong, claiming that he promoted their fake scam with 0 due diligence.

Coffeezilla’s Previous Work

Stephen Findeisen, or Coffezilla as he’s known to his fans, has been known to be a critic of the scams within the NFT and cryptocurrency space, and calls out people through comprehensive and detailed research and arguments to his 2.5 million subscriber-strong YouTube audience.

Previously, he made a three-part video series calling out YouTuber Logan Paul (whose brother, Jake, has had a long-lasting feud with Dannis) for his CryptoZoo collection. It had been deemed a scam by many. The videos accumulated tens of millions of views. Since, Logan Paul accepted the criticisms, and promised to investors that he would work further on the project. He also offered refunds to those who wanted it.

As exposed in the SourzNFT website, Danis has been involved in promoting a lot of scams within cryptocurrency and NFTs. This simply puts a bad name onto the industry as a whole.

Within Coffeezilla’s thorough research, he discovered over 20 NFT collections and crypto coins that Danis had previously promoted. From Meta Thugs, to MiniShibaInu and DaddyDOGE coins many have turned out to be full-on scams or even rug pulls, somehow dropped to almost zero very quickly.

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