DigiDaigaku NFT Super Bowl Ad Was A Massive Flop

The long awaited NFT-focused Super Bowl ad by DigiDaigaku, the NFT collection created by Limit Break has turned out to be a massive flop.

The well funded crypto gaming studio famously spent about $7M on the ad and boasted it as the worlds biggest free NFT minting event.

Following the broadcast of the ad, the ad was shared via DigiDaigaku’s company’s Twitter:

What went wrong?

Two main complaints are facing the ad:

The first being the quality of the ad. Many viewers feel the ad featured low production quality.

The other primary complaint is that the QR code featured in the ad directs users to Limit Break CEO’s Twitter account. Viewers were then asked to follow the account for access to the free mint event, leading many to wonder how much of this ad was geared towards simply stroking the ego or boosting the personal account of the executive.

Crypto Twitter had some not so positive things to say:

Following the notorious FTX collapse following a well-advertised campaign including a Super Bowl placement featuring Larry David, the start of crypto within the Super Bowl spotlight continues its checkered history.

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