Devcon Scholars Program Returns for Devcon Southeast Asia, Aiming to Build a Collaborative Community

The Ethereum Foundation has announced the return of the Devcon Scholars Program for Devcon Southeast Asia (SEA), aiming to bring together a diverse group of builders from various backgrounds and disciplines. The initiative is designed not only to provide scholarships but also to foster a community focused on co-learning and co-creation, thereby bridging Ethereum with other sectors, according to the Ethereum Foundation Blog.

Program Details

The Devcon Scholars Program will run from August through late November, concluding with Devcon in Bangkok, Thailand. Selected scholars can expect financial support tailored to individual needs, covering accommodation, flights, visa applications, per diem, and Devcon tickets. Importantly, financial need will not influence the selection process, ensuring inclusivity.

Beyond financial assistance, the program emphasizes building lasting relationships, mentorship, and enhancing existing skills and knowledge. Pre-Devcon activities will include online sessions for scholars to meet, learn together, and prepare for the conference.

Categories for Applicants

Up to 100 scholars will be selected across four categories:

  • Ethereum Community Organizers: Recognizing and supporting both established and emerging community leaders working with local blockchain-related communities.
  • Law Students & Legal Professionals: Fostering a new generation of legally proficient, technically minded professionals committed to Ethereum’s values and open-source work.
  • Artists & Sci-fi Writers: Bringing together artists and writers to express Ethereum’s culture and values through various art forms, concluding with an exhibition at Devcon.
  • Other Builders: Inviting developers and builders from diverse disciplines to push Ethereum’s boundaries, regardless of prior Ethereum knowledge.

Eligibility and Application

Applicants must be first-time Devcon attendees and willing to dedicate approximately three hours per week over three months to participate in online sessions and complete assignments. The application process is open until July 7th, 2024, at 11:59 PM PST.

The program encourages applications from Southeast Asia and other underrepresented communities within the Ethereum ecosystem. More details on each category and the application process are available on the Ethereum Foundation’s official blog.

What to Expect Post-Devcon

After the conference, each scholar will submit a Learning Artifact, a creative expression of their learning and experiences, in a medium of their choice. This aims to ensure the knowledge gained is shared and preserved within the community.

The Devcon Scholars Program represents a significant opportunity for individuals passionate about Ethereum and blockchain technology to gain in-depth knowledge, build networks, and contribute to the ecosystem’s growth. The initiative underscores the Ethereum Foundation’s commitment to inclusivity and community development, fostering a diverse and collaborative environment.

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