DeFi Platform Chainage Seeks Tokenholder Approval for $13 Million Capital Raise

Chainage, a decentralized finance (DeFi) hub with approximately $100 million in total value locked, is pursuing a $13 million capital raise for protocol expansion, subject to approval from its tokenholders within its native decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

In a snapshot proposal dated April 1, Chainage outlined plans for the $13 million raise, led by an undisclosed venture capital firm. This raise would involve the issuance of 50 million additional XCHNG protocol tokens, constituting roughly 10% of Chainage’s circulating supply. The issuance price of $0.26 aligns closely with XCHNG’s token price at the time of publication.

Tokenholders can participate in the proposal by staking their native XCHNG tokens to receive “vXCHNG,” granting them voting rights. Chainage aims to implement various strategies to enhance usage and profitability, committing to generating a minimum of $1 million in profit for Q2, with 80% of profits allocated to vXCHNG holders through a profit-sharing mechanism.

The primary objectives of the $13 million raise include global expansion, increased visibility, and the recruitment of top-tier talent to integrate AI with cutting-edge technology, positioning Chainage as a leader in AI-powered crypto innovation. The capital would also be utilized to incentivize liquidity, establish new partnerships, undertake marketing initiatives, and reward tokenholders.

As of the time of publication, the proposal has garnered 186 million XCHNG votes in favor and 7.2 million XCHNG votes against, with a circulating XCHNG balance of 474 million.

This move represents a departure from traditional venture capital fundraising methods, with Chainage opting for tokenholder approval within its DAO. This approach aligns with the growing trend among Web3 startups to leverage decentralized governance structures, particularly as the crypto industry experiences a surge in investment amid a bullish market.

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