Cool Cats’ First Journey ‘Fractures’ Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Cool Cats’ first Journey will allow Fracture NFT holders to help Blue and obtain the best PFP traits over game-play

Feline adventure awaits: Cool Cats‘ first-ever “Journey” begins tomorrow (February 9), and members are pouncing on the chance to join the fun and help the project’s main character, Blue.

Those embarking on the Journey will get the opportunity to enhance their PFP among other enticing rewards.

Quick Take: 

  • Cool Cats are starting their first Journey tomorrow for all Fractures NFT holders to enjoy.
  • The Fractures Journey consists of story-telling activities with numerous rewards to be won.
  • Participants with the highest “Cool Score” at the end of the two weeks can enhance their PFP.
  • Fractures NFTs are still available on secondary marketplaces, like OpenSea.
  • A new journey will occur every two weeks over the next ten weeks — so get involved!

What Awaits on Cool Cats’ Journeys

Cool Cats is embarking on creating Journeys which are exciting, interactive, and gamified story-telling experiences that all its community members can enjoy.

The activities unlock new story-telling levels and open up exciting rewards.

Such activities will take place for ten weeks, each of which are two weeks long. During these Journeys, participants can answer riddles, solve puzzles, burn specific items, and more. And all activities drive the next part of Blue’s story. 

As the Journeys progress, interactivity will evolve. But, for now, the first activity is “Fractures”, with Blue journeying into the NFT project’s metaverse, Cooltopia.

Exploring Tomorrow’s Journey, Fractures 

Fracture NFTs are the ticket to participating in Chapter 1, which will take place in the World of Cooltopia, to help locate Blue.

Cool Cats took to Twitter to share the good news with its followers:

Fractures are “non-membership NFTs” in Cool Cats’ ecosystem. But only until Fractures holders “enter” their Fracture NFT at the end of the Chapter before burning it to reveal a new character PFP, which will fall into the Journey’s mid-tier membership level.

Another way of progressing includes winning rewards when participating in different Journey activities. Some of these prizes include unique character traits and rarities to boost their NFTs, merchandise, IRL experiences, and free digital assets.

Depending on the level of participation, Fracture members will undergo a new transformation. Those with the highest scores will win the highest rarity traits via a new PFP. This gives the lucky winners better utility and identity for the next Journey to come.

Cool Cats are yet to reveal full details about the activities. All we know, for now, is that story-telling plays a large part, and there’s a new identity — alongside numerous other appealing rewards — to be won.

So, maximize your chances of obtaining Cool Cats’ best traits — immerse yourself in the activities to boost your Cool Score!

Need a Fractures NFT? Don’t panic! They are available on secondary marketplaces, like OpenSea.

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