Buy NBA NFTs on the Go With NBA Top Shot’s Mobile App

Want to score high with NBA Top Shot NFTs? Users can soon manage, sell and buy NBA NFTs on the platform’s all-new Apple and Android app

NBA Top Shot — the platform selling basketball-related non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that tallies over $1B in sales thus far — is making its way to mobile devices. The platform will soon be accessible on both iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Quick Take: 

  • NBA Top Shot is releasing a mobile app for digital collectibles on iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.
  • Users can soon buy NBA NFTs, view their collectibles, check out drops, and easily purchase starter packs on the app.
  • The platform will make all digital collectibles affordable and accessible to fans by carefully considering all fees.
  • Even with the fees charged by Apple and Google, NBA wants to keep the price of their starter packs the same for desktop and mobile users, around $9 per purchase.

What Prompts the Release of the NBA Top Shot App? 

The introduction of mobile apps for NBA Top Shot users intends to offer a more seamless way of purchasing and scoping through digital collectibles while on the go.

Dapper Labs, the partner behind NBA and creator of CryptoKitties, will first release a limited version of the mobile app. Users can soon buy NBA NFTs, view their collectibles, check out drops, and easily purchase starter packs on the application. And, as time goes on, more NBA Top Shot features will be added.

Apple and Google have get bad press over expensive cuts in sales, restricting many Web3 companies from turning to these giant tech companies for mobile support. Luckily, NBA Top Shot has these issues covered. 

To prevent users from feeling like they are being stitched over, Dapper announced that the NBA team are working closely with sports partners alongside Apple and Google to find the best cost-effective solution. As a result, when users buy a starter pack via the app, the price shown will include all third-party fees.

By carefully considering all fees, NBA Top Shot is working toward making prices reasonable for fans and accessible. For example, last week’s sell-out drop of 10,000 LeBron James starter packs (breaking the NBA’s all-time scoring record) cost just $9 apiece. Despite Apple and Google’s app fees, the platform aims to keep a similar price for all its starter packs for desktop and mobile users alike.

Overall, this upcoming mobile app will provide a better user experience and expand its reach to more fans who will soon be able to easily view and buy NBA NFTs.

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