BounceBit Mainnet Launch Scheduled for May 13, $BB Airdrop to Follow

BounceBit Mainnet Launch Set for May 13

BounceBit, a notable player in the cryptocurrency sector, has officially announced the launch schedule for its highly anticipated Mainnet. This move is set to revolutionize the way users interact with their platform by enhancing security, asset safety, and user profitability. The Mainnet is scheduled to go public on May 13, 2024, following a carefully planned phased rollout.

Premium Yield Generation Paused

Starting May 6, the Premium Yield Generation feature will be paused until the Mainnet launch. During this period, users will not be able to stake new assets; however, existing staked assets will continue to generate yields under the previously chosen strategy. This is a strategic pause, designed to ensure a smooth transition and integration into the new Mainnet environment.

Node Operators and LCT Distribution

From May 6 to May 12, BounceBit will onboard an initial set of professional node operators to the BounceBit Chain. Post-launch, users will have the opportunity to delegate their BBTC/BB tokens to these validators and receive LSTs in return. Additionally, LCT distribution for Early Access users is set to complete by May 13 across BounceBit Chain, BNB Smart Chain, and Ethereum platforms.

$BB Airdrop and Binance Megadrop

On the day of the Mainnet launch, an automatic airdrop of $BB points will be distributed to every eligible wallet, eliminating the need for users to claim or interact with any webpage. Concurrently, the $BB Megadrop event on Binance will conclude, with rewards distributed before the trading commences. Users are advised to be vigilant and steer clear of scams related to the airdrop.

Asset Withdrawal and Reinvestment Opportunities

Following the Mainnet launch, Premium Yield Generation will reopen for new stakers. Users can also initiate withdrawals of their staked assets. Any MUBI, AUCTION, and DAII tokens deposited during the Water Margin event will be returned to users’ wallets on Ethereum, with BounceBit covering the associated gas fees. On May 20, users who did not participate in Premium Yield will have the opportunity to withdraw their assets, with LCTs redeemable for their respective assets on the relevant chains.

This structured rollout plan not only emphasizes the security and efficiency of the BounceBit Mainnet but also ensures that the transition is as profitable and seamless as possible for its users.

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