BlackRock IBIT ETF Nears $15 Billion Milestone with $308 Million Inflow

Bitcoin ETFs continue to attract investor interest, with Farside data showing a $203.0 million net inflow on April 5th, marking the fourth consecutive day of positive flows. This trend signals increasing confidence and interest in the digital asset space.

Among the ETF providers, BlackRock’s IBIT stands out, recording a significant net inflow of $308.8 million, bringing its cumulative total net inflow close to $15 billion at $14,769.1 billion. This marks the largest net inflow day for IBIT since March 27th, highlighting the growing prominence of the fund in the market.

Fidelity’s FBTC also saw healthy inflows, with a $83.0 million net influx, contributing to its total net inflow reaching $7,957.6 billion. In contrast, Grayscale’s GBTC experienced significant outflows of $198.9 million, the largest since April 1st, bringing its total outflow to $15,505.3 billion, according to Farside.

Data from Heyappolo indicates that GBTC currently holds 323,000 Bitcoin, while IBIT and FBTC have accumulated 264,000 Bitcoin and 151,000 Bitcoin, respectively. Interestingly, the nine new BTC ETFs, excluding GBTC, have collectively amassed 519,000 Bitcoin.

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