BitMEX Updates Mark Method for TKOUSDTZ24 to Fair Price Marking

BitMEX, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a significant change to the mark method for its TKOUSDTZ24 contract. Effective from June 6 at 07:00 UTC, the mark method for TKOUSDTZ24 has transitioned to Fair Price marking, according to an announcement on the BitMEX Blog.

Robust Index Construction

This change has been implemented following the construction of a robust index that accurately represents the spot prices of TKO. The TKO token is now priced on the .BTKOT index, which amalgamates TKO prices from major exchanges including Bybit,, and Kucoin. This strategic move aims to enhance the pricing accuracy and reliability for TKOUSDTZ24 contracts.

Impact on Price Protections

Alongside this transition, BitMEX has also removed the Limit Down and Limit Up price protections for TKOUSDTZ24. These measures were previously in place to prevent extreme price swings by setting upper and lower price limits within which trades could be executed. The removal of these protections could imply a higher risk but also potentially higher rewards for traders as prices will now reflect the raw market dynamics without artificial constraints.

Market Reactions and Expert Opinions

Market analysts have provided mixed reactions to this update. Some experts believe that the move will benefit traders by providing more transparent and fair pricing, while others caution that the removal of price protections might introduce volatility risks. The broader crypto market has seen similar moves, with exchanges striving for more accurate and representative pricing mechanisms amid increasing scrutiny and demand for transparency.

In related news, several other exchanges have been exploring similar adjustments to their pricing mechanisms. For instance, Binance recently updated its mark price calculation methods for several trading pairs to reflect more accurate market conditions, aligning with the industry trend towards precision and fairness in pricing.

Traders and stakeholders are encouraged to stay informed about these changes and understand their implications on trading strategies. For any further inquiries, users can contact BitMEX support via their official channels.

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