Bitfinex Rolls Out Version 1.97 with TradingView Update and Key Bug Fixes

Bitfinex has released Version 1.97, bringing significant updates to its trading platform, including enhancements to the TradingView chart and several key bug fixes, according to Bitfinex.

Performance and UI Improvements

The latest update includes several performance and user interface improvements:

  • Updated TradingView chart to version 27.005.
  • Modified the suggested articles modal style in the trading search bar.
  • Improved public trades sound notification.
  • Indicated an active state of the wallet filter in the Balances table.
  • Updated translations for the token dropdown placeholder on Bitfinex Pulse and statuses for Order bids and offers.
  • Eliminated unnecessary alerts when leaving the security settings page.

Bug Fixes

The update also addressed several bugs:

  • Resolved the Orders widget’s group select and unselect issue.
  • Corrected a typo in the token info tooltip in the main ticker.
  • Fixed the TradingView chart text visibility issue during dialogue popups.
  • Adjusted the wire withdrawal express fee in the review step.
  • Fixed the LN-BTC invoice generation when the amount displayed more than eight decimals.
  • Corrected issues where Pulse reposts were incorrectly marked as ‘not found’.

Significance of the Update

The update to Version 1.97 is part of Bitfinex’s ongoing effort to enhance user experience and ensure seamless trading. The upgrade to TradingView chart version 27.005 is particularly noteworthy, offering traders improved charting capabilities for better market analysis. The bug fixes will also provide a more stable and reliable platform for users.


Bitfinex’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident in this latest update, which addresses both usability and functionality issues. Traders can expect a more polished and efficient experience with these enhancements.

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