Bitcoin Fees Fall Sharply After Hit the Historically Record on the Havling Day

Reported by Cointelegraph, the average fees paid on Bitcoin have sharply fallen just a day after reaching a record average of $128 on April 20 — the day of the fourth Bitcoin halving.

As of April 21, Bitcoin (BTC) fees have fallen to an average of $8-10 for medium-priority transactions, according to

Only one day before, Bitcoin clocked $78.3 million in total fees, beating Ethereum by over 24 times according to Crypto Fees.

The day included a staggering 37.7 Bitcoin ($2.4 million) paid to Bitcoin miner ViaBTC in the Bitcoin halving block at block height 840,000 — making it the most sought-after piece of digital real estate in the network’s 15-year history.

Much of the demand at block 840,000 came from memecoin and nonfungible token enthusiasts competing to inscribe and etch rare satoshis via the Runes protocol — a new token standard that launched at the halving block.

3050 transactions were included in that block, meaning the average user paid a little under $800. The higher-than-normal block fees continued until about block 840,200, according to, however, block fees have since fallen to around 1-2 Bitcoin.

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