Binance Promotion: Subscribe to SOL or BNB Locked Products or Stake ETH to Share 7,777 ACE in Airdrop Rewards

Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has introduced a new promotion that allows users to participate in airdrop rewards by subscribing to SOL or BNB Locked Products or staking ETH. The promotion aims to provide users with additional incentives and benefits for engaging with these investment options.

During the promotion period, which runs from April 30, 2024, to May 13, 2024, users who opt-in and meet the subscription requirements will be eligible to share a total of 7,777 ACE in airdrop rewards. The rewards will be distributed among the top 500 users based on their net eligible subscription amount.

To participate in the promotion, users must subscribe to SOL Locked Products with at least 1 SOL, BNB Locked Products with at least 0.5 BNB, or stake ETH with at least 0.05 ETH. The net eligible subscription amount will be calculated based on the total amount of assets subscribed or redeemed during the promotion period.

It’s important to note that users who redeem existing Locked Products positions created before the promotion and then recreate the same positions during the promotion period will have a net eligible subscription amount equivalent to zero. This measure ensures fairness and prevents users from taking advantage of the promotion by repeatedly subscribing and redeeming assets.

The rewards structure for the promotion is as follows:

1st to 10th Places: 77.7 ACE per eligible user

11th to 20th Places: 60 ACE per eligible user

21st to 30th Places: 50 ACE per eligible user

31st to 40th Places: 40 ACE per eligible user

41st to 50th Places: 30 ACE per eligible user

51st to 100th Places: 20 ACE per eligible user

101st to 300th Places: 13 ACE per eligible user

301st to 500th Places: 8 ACE per eligible user

Binance offers various products and services to its users, including Simple Earn, ETH Staking, BNB Locked Products, Megadrop, and Launchpool Rewards. Simple Earn allows users to earn daily rewards by depositing their digital assets, while ETH Staking allows users to stake their Ethereum (ETH) tokens to support the Ethereum network and receive WBETH tokens in return. BNB Locked Products offer additional rewards such as Megadrop and Launchpool rewards.

To learn more about the promotion and participate in the airdrop rewards, users can visit the Binance Support Center and access the announcement titled “Subscribe to SOL or BNB Locked Products or Stake ETH to Share 7,777 ACE in Airdrop Rewards.”

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