BAYC Artist Builds Fresh NFT Collection, Wen Sandwich

Collectors can soon savor BAYC artist Migwashere’s “Wen Sandwich” NFTs — soon available for blockchain ownership with over 200 fillings

Bored Ape Yacht Club’s (BAYC’s) celebrated artist, Migwashere, is indulging in his own solo NFT collection dubbed Wen Sandwich. As a result, collectors can soon “own a customizable sandwich stored on the blockchain for life”.

Quick Tack: 

  • Migwashere’s Wen Sandwich collection will shortly be available to mint on the Ethereum blockchain for just 5 ETH.
  •  Collectors will have the opportunity to create their own sandwiches with the option of 200 different ingredients.
  •  A release date is yet to be set. Although once launched, the digital assets will be available to purchase for just one week via

Why Migwashere Serves Up Wen Sandwich

Migwashere — the talented man known for his artworks with famous NFT collections BAYC, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, and Hall of Fame Goat Lodge — goes solo for the first time.

His soon-to-launch NFT project, Wen Sandwich, will feature pixelated sandwiches bursting with household fillings everyone loves among odd personal requirements.

The idea behind Wen Sandwich is to encourage creation and experimentation using a range of ingredients from both classic and unusual combinations.

Whatever the collectors’ taste, Wen Sandwich’s “virtual food truck” offers 200 different ingredients: meats, salads, sauces, and more. So there’s a little something for everyone—however weird a personal choice.

How to Indulge in Wen Sandwich 

Wen Sandwich is a limited-edition art project. Therefore, it will only be available on the Ethereum blockchain for one week.

A release date is still to be determined. However, as soon as the project is up and running, all sandwich fans can feast on the project by visiting

Once accessing the platform, users connect their wallets and create their favorite guilty pleasures(or the healthy option, depending on personal preference). 

Once building a sandwich, collectors can feast their eyes on the final piece in their NFT wallet for just 5 ETH plus gas fees per mint.

The rarity of the sandwich, therefore the NFT, depends on one’s taste buds rather than the set of rigid standards related to similar(ish) projects. Check out these rarity tools, for example.

To make your sandwich stand out from the store, how would you build yours?

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