Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX has acknowledged a recent spate of third party scams

FTX, a defunct cryptocurrency exchange, has admitted that its clients have recently been targeted by a series of scams and frauds perpetrated by third parties. These schemes were designed to take advantage of the consumers’ dire financial circumstances.

On February 3, FTX issued a warning to its clients about recent efforts by fraudsters about scam attempts, including asking them for money, fees, payments, or account passwords. These scam attempts were made by inquiring about recent attempts by fraudsters about scam attempts.

The firm issued a warning to its clients, saying, “We are aware of active third-party scams and frauds aiming to take advantage of FTX customers.”

FTX added that its debtors and agents will never ask customers to pay fees or provide account passwords in connection with the “return or prospective return of customer assets.” FTX also encouraged potential victims to contact the official FTX debtors email address to confirm the legitimacy of the messages. 

Since the collapse of FTX a few of months ago, con artists have been stepping up their game in an attempt to capitalise on the situation.

Late in the month of December, the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation issued a warning to the public that con artists were looking for chances to “re-victimize people who have previously been injured and are attempting to discover methods to recoup their losses.”

It referenced a bogus website that claimed to be administered by the United States Department of State and was trying to restore FTX customers’ assets to them while also requesting account information from such customers.

In November, a video purporting to include FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried and circulating on the internet falsely claimed that the company will increase the amount of cryptocurrency compensation given to customers. It enticed users to visit a malicious website by promising a cryptocurrency giveaway in return for tokens that were transmitted to the criminals.

In the meanwhile, as part of the most recent development in the proceedings of FTX’s bankruptcy, the states of California, Texas, and New Jersey have joined requests for an independent audit of the company’s financial accounts.

According to yet another article on Bankman-Fried, which was released by Reuters on February 2nd, it has been disclosed that the crypto entrepreneur is in discussions with federal prosecutors to settle a disagreement over the terms of his bail.

This past week, the judge who is presiding over the lawsuit placed a temporary gag order on Bankman-Fried, preventing her from communicating with workers of FTX or Alameda.

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