Analysts: Bitcoin Bulls Anticipate Halving Impact in Two Months or More

Bitcoin’s recent halving, completed on April 19, may not immediately impact market dynamics, with analysts suggesting a potential two-month wait for significant effects. Despite an 8% increase in bitcoin’s spot price since the halving, experts anticipate a delay in supply and demand adjustments.

Analysts at QCP Capital suggest that historical patterns indicate a delay of around two to three months before the halving’s supply constraints translate into notable price movements. This suggests that bitcoin bulls may have additional time to build larger long positions.

Bitfinex analysts highlight the post-halving reduction in bitcoin supply issuance, which could stabilize prices and potentially lead to further appreciation. However, they caution that geopolitical turmoil, particularly in the Middle East, could impact Bitcoin’s long-term valuation.

Additionally, the Bitfinex Alpha report notes potential stabilization in demand from spot bitcoin ETFs, which have been a significant driver of market activity. However, recent outflows from ETFs suggest a possible slowdown in demand.

Meanwhile, QCP Capital analysts anticipate a short squeeze in the altcoin and memecoin market in the short term. Persistent negative funding in these markets, coupled with potential fluctuations in demand, could lead to increased volatility.

While the overall memecoin market has seen a slight uptick in market cap, top memecoins like dogecoin, shiba inu, and dogwifhat have experienced minor declines in the past 24 hours, reflecting ongoing market fluctuations.

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