After Dookey Dash, What’s Next for BAYC Holders?

With Dookey Dash ending shortly, BAYC members can’t help but wonder what’s next: it’s time to prepare for The Summoning 

Dookey Dash — Bored Ape Yacht Club’s (BAYC’s) hot new game revolutionizing play-to-earn games — has taken the industry by storm. Within days after the launch, the sales of the Sewer Pass mints (which gain access to the game) hit over $10M. Gamers desperately wanted to enter the sewers to find Jimmy the Monkey’s key.

After much excitement and enjoyment, the game will soon be coming to an end. So, where are players at now, and what’s next to come?

Quick Take: 

  • BAYC’s play-to-earn game, Dookey Dash, ends on February 8.
  • When the sewers close, the highest score among all players wins the key.
  • All Sewer Passes then move to “The Summoning” on February 15.
  • As the storyline continues, so does a series of ApeCoin-powered mini-games.

Overview of Dookey Dash – BAYC’s Current Timeline 

BAYC and MAYC members can still claim one Sewer Pass in four different tiers depending on which NFT they own. All pass owners can then help Jimmy the Monkey find an important key that he swallowed, therefore, ended up down the toilet.

For a chance to win, players must enter the sewers before February 8. Once doing so, they need to collect “powerful fragments from another universe.” Some are worth many more points than others and (like all games) the more points, the better.

Sound too simple? Players must be sure to watch out for the many obstacles along the way.

Note: If the gamers trade their pass or move the digital asset to another wallet, the score does not go with it. Instead, it acts as a brand-new wallet and pass combination. However, gamers can claim their pass back once moving it, providing it’s to the same wallet used initially for gaining points from the game.

When the sewer closes, the highest score among all players wins the key, among generous rewards yet to be revealed!

All Sewer Passes can then move on to BAYC’s exciting new adventure, “The Summoning”.

BAYC’s Next Chapter – The Summoning 

Gary, the Dog Prophet, holds a box that the key perfectly fits inside. Because of the box’s beautiful condition, he believes a summoning ritual is necessary to “bring incredible power sources from another dimension into our world.”

Following this, on February 15, all eligible Sewer Pass holders can partake in “The Summoning” — and players’ best scores determine what is revealed.

As the storyline continues, so will a series of ApeCoin-powered mini-games, which are the key to what comes next.

Be sure to keep checking back on NFT Lately to learn all about “The Summoning” and what’s next for Sewer Pass holders.

In the meantime, why not build your own Bored Ape?

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