Aave Proposes to Implement a Fee Switch to Distribute Fees to Token Holders

Reported by Cointelegraph, a proposal may be in the works at the decentralized lending platform Aave deliberating the activation of a ‘fee switch’ to distribute fees to holders. This was shared by Aave Chan Initiative founder Marc Zeller on the X social platform.

Zeller said, “Temp check to activate ‘fee switch’ next week,” after noting that Aave decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)’s current net profits total about $60 million per year, reflecting five years of operational costs.

Aave is a crypto lending platform that runs on multiple blockchain networks. It allows borrowers to take out loans in one cryptocurrency while depositing another as collateral. It is governed by holders of the Aave token, who collectively form AaveDAO.

In a prior post on the X social platform, Zeller hinted at the possibility of implementing fees for Aave stakers. On March 16, he wrote, “A new iteration of the safety module will suggest distributing fees to stakers.”

The fee switch will allow governance to control and adjust fee-related policies based on the platform’s needs and objectives. Aave DAO recently greenlit alterations to staking fees for its stablecoin GHO to maintain the token’s peg. If Aave DAO proceeds with fee activation, it will emulate Frax Finance, which recently endorsed a proposal to reintroduce its fee switch.

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