3Commas Refutes Allegations That Employees Stole API Keys

The firm that trades in cryptocurrencies provides another denial of the claim that the API keys of users were stolen and urges consumers to file a complaint with the local authorities in reaction to the issue.

The firm that deals in bitcoin trading known as 3Commas has refuted allegations that its staff stole API keys belonging to customers, alleging that images that have been going around on social media are fakes. Users who have had their API keys stolen have also been encouraged by the corporation to submit police complaints in order to prevent the criminals from making off with their money.

Yuriy Sorokin, co-founder and CEO of 3Commas, wrote in a blog post that was published on December 11 that fake screenshots of Cloudflare logs are circulating on Twitter and YouTube. He stated that this was “in an attempt to convince people that there was a vulnerability within 3Commas and that we were irresponsible enough to allow open access to user data and log files.”

The goal of the screenshots that are being claimed is to illustrate how the 3Commas dashboard that is housed on Cloudflare was used to make the API keys of customers publicly available.

In a subsequent blog post that was made public on December 10, 2018, Sorokin extended an invitation to affected people, requesting that they report the occurrence to the appropriate authorities in order to have their exchange accounts suspended.”

“Because the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges comply with Know Your Customer standards, users are required to provide identifying information in order to trade cryptocurrencies or withdraw funds from their accounts.

According to the company, if users who were affected by the issue filed a complaint with the police, Exchanges would be permitted to share this information with the relevant authorities.


Phishing efforts were a “contributing element” in the loss of client information, according to 3Commas, which claims to have uncovered data that supports this assertion.

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